Organically grown
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The point wasn't to capture nature as it truly is; instead, we are attempting to find something better than that: something that makes us stare; something that thrills.
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Succulents & Air Plants
in Concrete
Hand made concrete pots planted with a variety of cactus, succulents and air plants.
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These are some of our favourites recipes. We created some, and we borrowed others. But they all have lots of garlic and taste great! Please enjoy.
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About Us

From garlic to succulents, and photos to novels – the Greenhouse at Pumpkin Junction – actually a small farm lost in the bush between three communities – has something for everyone.

Started in 2000, a few garlic cloves in our little vegetable garden became thousands in a garlic patch with fewer vegetables. Everything we grow and sell is organically grown.

Growing succulents, cacti, and air plants has become an obsession. Once planted in our handmade concrete pots, they’re ready for everyone.

The Greenhouse at Pumpkin Junction sign in front of blue sky.

Garlic Festivals and Markets 2024

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Two bulbs of Inchelium Red garlic.
Two bulbs of Baba Franchuk's garlic.
Pumpkin Junction sign with blue sky background.
garlic scape
Two bulbs of Red Russian garlic.

Organically grown in British Columbia’s North Okanagan Valley between Salmon Arm, Grindrod and Enderby.

Bursting with flavour and easy to peel — hardneck and softneck varieties vary to suit every taste. Mild, medium, and hot, once you’ve tried them, going back to the grocery-store varieties might be excruciating.

We started growing garlic in 2000 when my parents gave us some freshly-grown, local garlic. Right away we were hooked. Now we have 17 cultivars from 7 different varieties and want to share their incredible flavours.

Thanks Mom and Dad.

We grow hardnecks and softnecks. Some are hot and spicy, others mild and sweet. Of the six-hundred-plus cultivars, we’ve chosen ours based on flavour, hardiness to our northern climate, shelf life, peeling ease, and appearance.

Long garlic scape.

The point wasn’t to capture nature as it truly is; instead, we were attempting to find something better than that: something that made us stare; something that thrilled. If you’re interested in some of our photos, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

All the photographs but one were taken with the Nikon D90. Frost bitten was taken with a point-and-shoot.

Author Hazel Tanner debuts:
The Erskine Click Ride Series

Book cover for Erskine Click at Pumpkin Junction
Book cover.
Angel Hair Catus in a square concrete pot.
Angel Ears Cactus in layered concrete pot.
Red Moon Cactus in round concrete container.
Air plant in round concrete container.
Cinnamon Kalanchoe in round concrete pot.

Our concrete containers start out as a pile of sand. We add a little of this, some of that, make the forms, pour the concrete, fight them out of their shells, polish them, and then seal them. Each is unique and thoroughly examined to ensure top quality. One of us certainly loves making his concrete.

Our round containers have diameters from two to eight inches and stand three inches to one foot tall. They all have drainage holes and a separate base.

Firestorm Sedum in rectangular concrete pot.

Our square and rectangular pots are sized about the same. They too have drainage holes and a base.

Our plants are either purchased or started at home.

These are some of our favourites recipes: we created some and borrowed others, but they all have lots of garlic and taste great! Try them, twist them, add to them; let us know what makes them perfect for you.

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