The Greenhouse at Pumpkin Junction

The Greenhouse at Pumpkin Junction The Greenhouse at Pumpkin Junction

We are Eclectic

Growing green pumpkin
Trellised Pumpkin

From garlic to websites, and photos to novels, the Greenhouse at Pumpkin Junction, actually a small farm lost in the bush between three communities, can help.

Started in 2000, a few garlic cloves in our little vegetable garden multiplied to thousands in a much larger garden with fewer vegetables. Our garlic is organically grown and of the highest quality. Order Garlic now. We only sell the best. We've posted a few of our favourite garlic recipes to inspire you.

Sea Holly Blooms
Sea Holly Blooms

Websites too: personal or business, we can tailor a site to your specific needs.

Photography is a hobby featuring things that have caught our eye.

Need your eBook released? We can help. Reading is one of our passions. We are featuring Hazel Tanner's debut novel Erskine Click at Pumpkin Junction.

Looking for that special gift for someone? Our handmade cement containers are beautiful. Planted with succulents, cactus, air plants and tropicals in different sizes – 3”, 4” and 6”.

Want to talk about gardening and growing garlic? Check out our Facebook page.

Snow scene with mountain and trees.