Hardneck Garlic

Hardneck garlic grows well in our climate. Flavours may differ from area to area because of soils, growing methods, and weather patterns.

Our hardneck garlics are full and rich with flavour. Their heat ranges from mild to strong; so we have something for everyone.

Music Garlic Scape
Music garlic scape

All hardnecks produce scapes; tall stalks that rise into coils. We snap them off so the plant puts its energy into the bulb. If the scape is left to grow, it will gradually uncoil and straighten to produce bulbils.

Left with a bagful of scapes, we can either compost them or eat them. We eat them. They taste marvelous — stir fried; sliced into salads; pickled; dried, ground, and sprinkled; or made into pesto.

Two bulbs of Fish Lake #3 garlic.
Fish Lake #3

Hardnecks have fewer but larger cloves than softnecks. Their wrappers are not as tight or thick, which makes them easier to peel but shortens their shelf-life.

We sell four varieties: Marbled Purple Stripe,   Porcelain, Purple Stripe,   and  Rocambole.