Rocambole Garlic

Rocamboles are very popular hardnecks. Many people feel they are the epitome of garlic flavour.

Two bulbs of German Red garlic.
German Red

Some are sweet and some are hot, but all have that deep, full, garlic flavour. They are very versatile — eat them fresh, cooked, or roasted.

When first havervested, they burst with juice; and we can’t seem to eat them fast enough — or use enough in one recipe.

Their wrappers have red, pink, and/or purple stripes; their clove colours range from tan to brown. They average 7 to 12 rounded and blunt cloves.

Two bulbs of Killarney Red garlic.
Killarney Red

They are very easy to peel but have a shorter shelf life — they should be used up before the end of January.

Rocamboles are definitely a favourite. Best to eat them fresh while they’re at their juiciest — and if it’s early in the season, always use more than you think you should. The flavour is outstanding.

We sell 6 varieties of Rocambole: Baba Franchuk’s Dave’s Doukhobor German Red Kiev Killarney Red Korean Purple