Turban Garlic

Turban garlic are the very earliest harvesting of all our garlics and will be ready well before any other varieties are ready to harvest.

They are short storing garlics as most don’t last more than 5 months at room temperature before sprouting.

They are known as Weakly Bolting Hardnecks because they grow a much weaker stalk, or may not grow one at all.

Turbans usually have 5-9 very large fat cloves that form something of a circle around a center. The bulbs can be large even though the plants are small.

They have beautiful, heavily striped wrappers and the cloves are a light shiny pink to brown.

Some cultivars are instantly hot to the taste while others may be remarkably mild for up to half a minute before you get a very hot taste that spreads from the back of the mouth forward. They can be very pungent and have a musky aftertaste.

We grow one cultivar of Turban:   Deep Purple