Porcelain Garlic

Porcelains tend to have large uniform cloves. Both raw and cooked, their flavour is outstanding and ranges from mildly sweet to shockingly hot.

Two bulbs of Music garlic.

Delicious, with a nutty flavour when baked. As an added bonus the large cloves are easier to handle when removing the roasted garlic from the wrappers.

Porcelains bulbs are large with approximately 4 to 6 large cloves that usually have reddish brown skins.

Two bulbs of Fish Lake #3 garlic.
Fish Lake #3

The bulb wrappers are white and thicker than other hardnecks, which means they keep longer. Still, they are easier to peel than softnecks.

We currently have 4 varieties of Porcelain for sale:
Dan’s Russian,  Fish Lake #3,  Music,  Yugoslavian