Dave’s Doukhobor


Garlic is sold by the pound.

Dave’s Doukhobor is a Rocambole garlic.

This is the same Russian Red we’ve been growing for years. We started this cultivar with bulbils given to us by our Uncle Dave so we’re calling it Dave’s Doukhobor. This variety was originally brought to Canada in the early 1900s by Doukhobor immigrants. We chose to rename it because we are now offering a Marbled Purple Stripe cultivar called Red Russian.

This garlic starts off hot and ends with a lingering sweetness. Raw, it packs a punch, but the flavour is outstanding. It’s also good cooked or baked, and holds it’s flavour. Our customers who like this garlic, really like this garlic.

Purple blotched wrappers cover average sized bulbs that hold 8-10 brownish-red cloves.

Thanks Uncle Dave.

It keeps well for up to 6 months.

Heritage garlic.

 per pound