Inchelium Red


Garlic is sold by the pound.

Inchelium Red is an Artichoke garlic that was originally found in Inchelium, Washington.

In 1990 it won a taste-test competition for softneck garlic at Rodale Kitchens.

The flattened bulbs can grow to be quite large. They have off-white wrappers with some purple splotches. The cloves are arranged in layers with the inner cloves usually being smaller.

They are not easy to peel but as a result store very well. We’ve eaten bulbs well into April and May and appreciated the quality and flavour.

Flavour is good and lasting but mild. Many people prefer it roasted. This is not an assertive garlic. It does not contain as much allicin as other cultivars, but if you like to eat roasted or raw garlic this cultivar might be the one for you.

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