The Greenhouse at Pumpkin Junction

The Greenhouse at Pumpkin Junction The Greenhouse at Pumpkin Junction The Greenhouse at Pumpkin Junction

Hazel Tanner's
Erskine Click at Pumpkin Junction

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The following was taken from an interview with Hazel Tanner.

“I could give you a preview, an inkling of what's to come, but I hate to give things away. I run from movie trailers and book reviews. I once read a book about a fellow who was corralled into judging a contest. The author didn't tell him what he'd signed up for; strung us along for ten pages before getting the fellow onto a stage and revealing the contestants. I assume the author didn't realize the publisher had explained the contest on the back cover. I can't really give you my opinion because I wrote the book and I think it's great. I can say that it is similar to the other books I like: Cannery Row and Sweet Thursday; Joshua Then And Now; Paper Moon; Paper Chase; The Shipping News; Boy's Life; The Secret Life of Bees; Where the Heart Is.

Okay fine: being as vague as possible, the book follows a young woman who becomes stranded in a small town. During the few days we watch, she meets some notable locals — notable in that the rest of the town would rather avoid them — and becomes irrevocably stuck in a plot to take over the world! Was that last part too much? Well, maybe the exclamation point…and perhaps the plot is less than worldly. She does meet the kid after whom the book is titled; and does spend some time at the actual Pumpkin Junction. She might meet the love of her life and might like things covered in chocolate; she might come to appreciate jalapeños and might finally realize that, quite often, society doesn't know what it's talking about.”


The Watergirl, Hazel Tanner's next book, is scheduled for release in 2019.

Ever feel like you're in a one person show? No manager, no director, no net? Shaye does. Somehow, she's lost control; but then, maybe she'd never had any. She might have stepped too close to the edge of her life, slipped from its balcony. Things she held dear, thought she needed, spiral from reach. Abruptly, with despair in the air, she lands on the balcony below, picks herself up, rubs her aching head, and smiles at a new life beyond the open glass doors, steps toward it even. Another missed step though, and down she goes again, bounces from balcony to balcony, bits and pieces and possibilities, until she catches hold of something never imagined. Was this it? After all these years, had she finally arrived at her life? Or was that even possible.

On top of which, if you found yourself on The Price is Right, with the excitement and nerves, could you possibly remember the height of your next dining room?

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