German Red


Garlic is sold by the pound.

German Red is a Rocambole garlic.

This is one of our favourites. It is very hearty and has a definite garlic flavour. It is one of our best garlics for overall use. It can be spicy and hot when eaten raw. Cooked, it holds it’s flavour well when stewed, roasted, baked, and fried.

The bulbs are white with purple blotches and stripes. The large cloves approximately 8 to 9 per bulb are very easy to peel. Quite often they develop double cloves.

If stored properly it can keep till the end of January.

It’s my husband’s favourite. He might say, Best used the minute you get it home. From early August until late September its flavour adds an indescribable quality to everything it touches. Even after that it’s still really good, but only semi-fabulous. And early in the season, I haven’t been able to use too much.

Heritage garlic.

 per pound